Friday, February 26, 2010

The lament of a Goa-yearning soul

Like it happens all too often, the blues hit me hard last night. My friends went off to Goa to celebrate an extended weekend. And I was left stranded in an island of co-unfortunates whose parents share the common enthusiasm of keeping their girls away from beaches, booze, boys, backless dresses and all other beatific things in life that makes life bearable in general.
Of course, any day starting with PE cannot really hold out any bright hopes. Oh, that’s Power Electronics by the way, not Physical Education, as might be assumed by non-electrical engineers untouched by the ruthless torture wrecked upon innocent souls by Thyristor and his family members. (In case you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, you have the liberty to Google Thyristors, and when you are well versed in the topic, please do enlighten me).
But, forgive me, I have been digressing...
What I was saying was a crappy day...followed by a tearful farewell to the Goa-bound travellers, ending in a scalding argument with my roommate (that too over a terrifying topic related to religion). I felt drained, depressed and frustrated with my existence. All I wanted to do was sit on the beach, with my feet in the cool waters, counting the stars above my head, my head on his shoulders....
So I lay on my bed, my heart heavy, head weary. I tried to sleep; I could not. I tried counting sheep; they kept wandering off to Goa. I got up, drank some water, tried to sleep again. I had just begun to drift into dreamland when my phone beeped.

1 message, from Him.
‘Reachin Goa in few mins’

F*** you. Do you need to keep rubbing it in?

I gave up. Even sleep had ditched me this night. So I sought the company of the only thing which has been faithful to me in these trying circumstances, my laptop. The blue screen with ‘welcome’ written on it was soothing. I mentally thanked MS Windows, my host for tonight. After wandering aimlessly in the vast world wide web for a few minutes,(Ads for Go Goa, 365 days on a Holiday, seemed to have multiplied in WWW like rabbits) I decide to check my Hotmail inbox.
INBOX(1) (unread)
Goa with your gang for free!!‏
From: Windows Live Team (
Sent: 24 February 2010 01:50AM

I sighed. ‘Et tu, MS????’

I went to the TOI site....better catch up on the rest of India..
The TOI homepage seemed normal , and blissfully goa-free.
Till ,

Goa's Monte Music Festival 2010 .............................

Have mercy , dear God !

DAMNN YOU GOA!!! Are there no other places on earth with news???? Why has Goa become SO bloody newsworthy, ad-worthy, free-offers-worthy all of a sudden? Why oh why do they have to dangle a candy in front of a diabetic??? What have I done to the world to deserve its pitiless taunts??? Is there no kindness for the deprived?

That’s when I decided that this world was not a safe place.There was a conspiracy going on to destroy my peace of mind. I was secure only in my own own blog....

That’s when i started writing this...

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  1. I'll just a few words....hilarious, ironic. citric...
    You do fascinate me so...

  2. ahh....thank you ever so much!!!!....i'm sure i dont deserve such a glowing comment....thanks!

  3. funny blog...really made me smile..;)

  4. People may write nice lines but the flow is absolutely perfect. The lines have gelled so well.

  5. it has to be one of the funniest blogs till date! kudos! :p